Physical effects of massage…

  • Massage involves the use of stroking movements, which help to relax damaged muscle. This movement sucks fluid through blood and lymph vessels, helping to drain waste products away, such as lactic acid and encourage nutrients and oxygen to aid the repair.
  • As a muscle is made up of bundles of muscles fibres, massage can stretch the muscle tissues in numerous directions, unlike normal methods of stretching. The process of massage can also stretch the sheath or facia that surrounds the muscle helping release any tension.​
  • Where an injury has occurred the use of massage helps the body to break down the scar tissue that surrounds the site of the injury possible causing further pain, issue around flexibility and stress on surrounding muscles, ligaments and tendons. Thus the use of massage helps to increase flexibility, reduce pain and the pressure on joints.​
  • The blood flow in tissues is increased through the use of massage this is achieved by dilating the blood vessels and stretching them to allow a greater flow of the nutrients required.




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